General FAQ

How does learnbelt works?

Learnbelt is a platform meant to help students with their assignment or homework questions by connecting them with tutors/solvers. You just need to ask your question by entering text, attaching an image, or both! You'll receive a step-by-step solution by different tutors/solvers and then can make a purchase of the best solution as per your requirements or tutor/solver ratings.

I am worried about my privacy. Is my identity protected?

Your identity is completely protected on learnbelt. For one thing, we encourage students, tutors not to exchange personal information (name, contact info, payment details etc.) with tutors/solvers or other students. Your credit card information is not stored anywhere, and use of PayPal relies on their well-established security systems.

Is this service free?

No, as tutors/solvers need to be paid for their services. But the best part is it’s entirely up to you. When asking a question simply assign the amount you are willing to pay for your questions. There are no obligations, and you are free to discuss the price quote with the tutor. No hidden costs!

Are there any fee?

We charge no fee for depositing money into your Learnbelt account, asking or answering a question or even buying answers. A 2% withdrawal fee for withdrawing money from your account is charged.

Isn’t this cheating?

We do not support cheating or plagiarism. Learnbelt is a platform to provide step by step explanations and help to users excelling in their academics. Posting solutions that are plagiarized, without context, help etc. will not be tolerated.

Where to raise complaint, issues or provide feedback?

You can simply send us an email to [email protected] for your site related issues. If you want to send any suggestions then you can email us to [email protected] . Also you can directly fill our support or feedback form provided at the bottom of our home page to get in touch with us.

Student’s FAQ (Asking Questions)

How do I create an account?

On our homepage you’ll find a Login/Sign Up button in the top right corner. Click on it and fill out the information to register.

Can I ask questions without Sign Up?

Yes, definitely you can ask your questions without registering on our platform. But we recommend you to Sign Up so as to have all your questions and answers at one place. Also you will be able to take the benefit of our Unlock Possibilities section.

How to ask questions?

You can simply start by clicking Ask Questions section or the ASK bar provided on the home page. In addition to typing your question, you can also attach images (such as a photo or screenshot) to each question. Make sure the image is clearly legible, and if there are multiple questions in the image, please specify which one you would like to be solved.

What if the category I want is not available?

You can select the closest category or Miscellaneous

How many questions I can ask per day or in a month?

You can ask as many questions as you like. There is no limit to the number of questions asked.

I'm not receiving answers to my question. Why is that?

It is very rare for a question not to be answered. The only reason that it may happen is because the question does not make sense or not enough money is being offered.

How can I assign my question to a tutor/solver?

You can assign your question at the time of asking question or go to your question, click the edit button on the left corner, and then type in the name of the user to assign it to, in 'Assign to a specific tutor'.

Purchasing Answers

If my question receives multiple answers, which one should I purchase?

The simplest way is to just look at the profile of the answer tutor/solver. Make sure they have a good rating and check their recent feedback to make sure no one has left any bad feedback. You can also preview the answer to estimate its quality.

Is there any sort of money-back guarantee for answers?

If you buy an answer that is incomplete or incorrect you can let us know that you are not satisfied of your purchased answer within 36 hours of purchase. You simply let us know what's wrong and we'll look into it! If we can't resolve the problem we guarantee a full refund!

What happens if I buy an answer that is incomplete or not to my expectations?

Learnbelt is only a platform for students and tutors/solvers and does not provide answers itself but only guarantees that the question has been answered to the fullest in a reasonable manner. For instance if you purchase an answer that actually contains no relevant information, is incomplete, or fails to provide an actual answer, the answer author will be notified and have a chance to fix their mistake within a reasonable amount of time. If they fail to do so, a full payment will be refunded to your account guaranteed!

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Presently we accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and Paytm. Note: Paytm is applicable for Indian users only.

As a students can I also earn on learnbelt?

Yes, you can. This is what we call earning while learning. You can check the details in Unlock Possibilities section on the home page.

Tutor’s FAQ

Do I need to register in order to answer questions?

Yes, for answering questions you need to Sign Up on Learnbelt.

How do I become a tutor?

Go to the home page, scroll down and click on APPLY HERE and follow the instructions carefully. You must pass Learnbelt rules and English test in order to become a tutor/solver

Can I apply for more than one subject?

Yes, you can apply for more than one subject provided you are able to clear its subject test. But you must pass Learnbelt rules and English test in order to become a tutor/solver.

I post an answer but why it's not bought?

It might happen if someone else has given a better answer to that question. Also before posting an answer, try communicating with the questioner. Send them a message verifying they still need help or if you need any clarifications with an answer.

What happens if a buyer claims my answer is not good or not as described?

It is in your best interest to address his concerns. If however the purchaser notifies us that the answer is not good we will look into their concerns and determine if there is any basis. If we determine that in fact the buyer is correct and the answer is incomplete we will notify you of our decision and a predefined amount of time that you will have to correct the answer. Failure to do so within that time will result in the buyer being refunded his money from your balance.

How can I refund an answer?

Go to your account, click on the 'My Transactions' button next to withdrawals and you can click on the refund button for the transaction you want to reverse. The money will then be removed from your account and go back into the other user’s Learnbelt account balance.

How tutor/solver’s rating system work?

Whenever a student purchases your answer, they can rate you based on the answer provided by you.

Will my account get revoked due to bad ratings?

No, your account will not be revoked based on bad ratings but this may impact your answers being purchased thereby your earnings. So, you must adhere to the question’s requirements

When my account can be revoked?

If you continuously provide plagiarised answers, your account may be revoked and your payments will be withheld.

How much will I be paid for every answer bought?

We charge a 30% commission on every answer bought. But this commission percentage will decrease as your earnings increase. For more details you can check the Unlock Possibilities section on home page. Also you will be charged a 2% withdrawal fee for withdrawing money from your Learnbelt account.

What is your payment cycle?

There is no payment cycle as such. You can withdraw whenever your earnings crosses the threshold limit of $20.

What are the withdrawal payment methods?

Presently payments can be withdrawn through PayPal or Paytm. Note: Paytm is applicable for Indian users only.
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